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Entimio is a truly artisanal product, and we partner with our producers to craft each of our olive oils with the utmost attention to details. We don’t just buy olive oil. We commit to purchase a certain quantity of olive oil subject to passing strict chemical and sensory tests. We provide all our producers with the packaging and bottling equipment to bottle our olive oils at their estate, and we supervise the entire bottling operation to ensure the highest quality standards. We also do extensive testing on each olive oil lot after bottling to make sure our customers get what they pay for. We take random samples from each lot and send them to labs and competitions after bottling. We ship our olive oil from Tuscany to Houston in a temperature-controlled container, and we store our olive oil in Houston in a temperature-controlled warehouse for best preservation.

ENTIMIO’s Ten Points to Excellence

1) Best Lot: We ask each producer for their best olive oil (based on chemical and sensory tests) to be crafted to ENTIMIO’s strict requirements
2) Best-in-Class Chemistry: Including Free Fatty Acidity < 0.25%, Peroxide < 7.0 meq O2/kg, Polyphenols in the 350-700 mg/kg range and tocopherols in the 200-300 mg/kg range
3) Chemical Analysis: Including Free Fatty Acidity, Peroxide, Polyphenols, and comprensive Multi-Residues
4) Estate Bottled: We provide our producers with specialized premium dark-glass UV-protective bottles and special caps that guarantee a good flow and a dripless pour spout
5) Inert Gas Sealed: Sealed with food-grade Nitrogen inert gas to minimize oxidation, a naturally occurring element in small quantities in our atmosphere
6) Temperature-Controlled: Both for transport and storage until the last mile, to avoid extreme high and low temperatures and extend the shelf-life of the olive oil
7) 100% Made-in-Italy: Product, design, packaging, and machinery